Why Computer and Technical Literacy?

Technical skills are essential for all. Technology is changing the way we communicate, it’s changing the nature of our jobs, it’s changing how we raise families, and it may soon change how we commute to work. At a very fast pace, for better or for worse, technological innovation continues to change our lives. For all these reasons I strongly believe that everyone should learn at least basic computer skills. I focus on teaching computer skills to Spanish speaking adults because I see that it is where the greatest need is but my goal would be to share my skills with anyone. In teaching computer skills, internet use, email use, on so on, my hope is that students can leverage what they learn to improve their lives and to think about how technology can be used for so much good. But I also encourage students to think about and understand that it can and has been used for nefarious purposes.

Technical Literacy

Basic Computer Skills v1

Spanish - The first course I gave was very lecture oriented. I learned that I neded to be more hands on. View | Download

Basic Computer Skills v2

Spanish - More hands on with guided exercises. I learned that I neded to focus more on the needs of the students. View | Download

Basic Computer Skills v3

Spanish - In progress as of 2/4/2018. I first asked students what their interests were. More focused on hands on with practical things students can expand on. View | Download

Introduction to Word 2013

Spanish - Some students were very interested in Word. So I created an intro slide deck for them. View | Download

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