"A man who carries a cat by the tail learns something he can learn no other way." -- Mark Twain..

MoPEED 2.0

Who am I?

Over the past eight years I have been developing strong skills in data analytics, information technology, database administration, leadership, program evaluation, and management. My passion is all things related to data analytics, technology, social and behavioral science, demography and economics. I enjoy learning in general, and as such I often read research articles, training tutorials, and take new challenges with gusto. My goal is to become a data analytics and technology expert and to be able to use my social science background to help solve pressing social problems, such as inequality, migration, discrimination and health disparities by levering insights from data analyses and information technology.

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Some Stuff I can Do

Database, Data Storage, ETL

Design and develop databases in MSSQL and MySQL. Extract, Transform and Load tools.

Web Site and App Development

Experience with HTML, Node, Javascript, PHP, APIs and More

Analytics and Viz

Tableau, R, Python, SAP, SAS, Power BI and ZOHO Reports

Research, Management and Leadership

Quantitative and qualitative research, non-profit leadership and program management

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